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Moon When the Plums are Scarlet

"Moon When the Plums are Scarlet" This is one of the poetic names for the September moon. It's also known as the "Corn Moon." The October moon will be the "Harvest Moon" this year, but this full moon, hanging close to the horizon, also reminds us of what is completed...

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Where the Universe Ends

Corrine Redden, a talented artist and photographer shares this photograph and her reflection. I remember when I was a little girl, I would ask my dad what's on the other side of where the universe ends. He would answer, when we think of the universe we are like the...

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Of Trees and Memories

A Prayer Bench Guest Post By Rosemary Ingraham, Arrowwood Alberta   This sunny Sunday afternoon, I’m sitting on my deck, under the canopy of my mountain ash tree, while being serenaded by any number of songbirds. When my husband and I were married, 49 years ago today,...

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