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I Remember the Laughter

It was on an Easter Sunday, 1972 I believe and Grant United Church, my home church, the little church by the Lake, saw a rather large confirmation class lined up along the front of the church. There were four of us. We had memorized the shorter catechism — and knew a...

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Such Great Hope is Spring

Guest Post by Linda Atkinson Linda Atkinson lives in Hardwood Lands, Nova Scotia. From her home there, and influenced by her years as a camping enthusiast and recreation professional, she enjoys observing and playing in the natural world. Late last spring, from my...

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Read to Pieces

Here is a story that touched my heart. It's about a Family Bible. You know the one. It was passed down through the ages and every generation added the family births, weddings and deaths. This Family Bible was read to pieces. Literally. The pages were loose, leaves...

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