Monthly Bench Friends

Bench Friend Supporters financially support a page for a month.  All amounts, any size, help root this new ministry by offsetting costs.  If you would like to make a donation or sponsor a page, please use the donation button or get in touch using the contact page. Thank you.

January 2016 Prayer Bench Friends

prayer bench tataAs January closes, the second year of Prayer Bench Ministry begins. Thank you for a great first year that allowed rooting the Prayer Bench as a part-time ministry.

I am grateful for these Prayer Bench friends who made financial donations in January.



Karen Beaton
Alice Rutherford
Lawrence MacIsaac
DJ & Cathy MacLean
Gwen Wells
Heather MacDougall & Pix Butt

Thank you. Janice

November Web Page Sponsor

November Web Page Sponsor

This is my younger brother David.

He grew up and acquired a few more tools and skills and is now a commercial contractor.

I am grateful to David and Barbara MacLean at DJ MacLean & Sons for providing 500 pens to help me tell the story of the Prayer Bench.

Thank you.


September Prayer Bench Friends

bench friendsAfter eight months of full-time work on the Prayer Bench, I’m happy to declare it rooted as a part-time ministry. Now the Prayer Bench needs to grow and I am very grateful to Prayer Bench friends who are so intentional about supporting this new ministry and are willing to share information at their upcoming Presbytery meetings.



Catherine MacDonald
Shawn Redden
Rose Hannah Gaskin
Jean Ward
Donna Tourneur
Pix Butt
Heather MacDougall
Nan Corrigan
Ann McCosh

Thank you.

And if you are can help spread the word about Prayer Bench resources by handing out information cards at your Presbytery or other gatherings, please email and I will send you info.

Blessings, Janice

July Web Page Sponsor

Having you come across the slogan, “Living the Dream?” In many ways I am. I cherish these few months of working full-time on the Prayer Bench rooting it as a part-time ministry. It means drawing on savings to have spacious time to give to the Prayer Bench. In many ways this is possible because of our work over the last few years with a Financial Advisor. I’m pleased this month to introduce you to Todd Ellis. His company, National Wealth Management sponsored the July Prayer Bench site. 

Todd EllisHere is information Todd shares about his work as a Financial Advisor. 

For the past 24 years I’ve been working in the financial services insurance industry. 

With a lifelong commitment to learning and staying on top of the latest information and trends, I’ve been recognized both in Canada and internationally for my success in the field. Since 2007, I’ve been a member of the exclusive Million Dollar Round Table, which represents the top 1% of financial planners in the world. That opportunity has enabled me to learn and share ideas with the best of the best around the globe.

As a parent, I’m a believer in giving back to the community and bettering myself. I volunteer regularly with a variety of local and national organizations, attend seminars with motivational speakers, and have even dined with “Dragons”. All because I’m committed to top level of care and attention for my clients.

Todd Ellis, EPC
National Wealth Management

Halifax:  1600-1959 Upper Water Street Halifax, NS B3J 3N2
P: 902.429.2696    F: 902.827.2975    


June Bench Friends

bench friendsI am grateful this month to my parents, DJ & Cathy MacLean for their special “Happy Birthday to me” donation to the Prayer Bench.

And to Nan Corrigan for her donation and continual support of the Prayer Bench.
And to a donor who wishes to be Anonymous.

It was great to have so many new sign-ups for the Prayer Bench newsletter at Maritime Conference and at the Chignecto Presbytery UCW Rally. Welcome.

May Bench Friends

bench friendsI am so grateful to Betty Darby who made a financial contribution to the Prayer Bench along with a thoughtful plan for further support.

I am grateful to several people who were willing to take a dozen Prayer Bench info cards and share them with their friends.

As I continue to work full time on this project to root it as a part-time new ministry, I am so grateful for newsletter subscribers, those who like and share the Prayer Bench posts on Facebook, those who buy resources from the Prayer Bench Shop, and contribute wisdom to these programs, and those who stop me when they see me to share stories of where the Prayer Bench has touched lives. Thank you.

April Bench Friends

bench friendsMy heart is grateful to these people who made financial donations to help root the Prayer Bench Ministry. This list is amazing to me, showing how online ministry grows beyond geographical boundary. This is mostly by word of mouth. So thank you, all who share on social media and by letting others know about the website and resources.



Barbara Lieurance, Alberta.
Moe Mooney, Yukon Territory.
John Heidt, Vermont, USA.
Bev Smith, Nova Scotia.

Thank you for your support.

March Bench Friends

Mbench friendsy heart is very grateful to these Prayer Bench supporters who are helping to root this ministry:

Margaret Sagar


Carol Steel.
Please visit Carol’s visual journal blog offering her photos and poetry.
Blog: Carol Steel

And thank you to all who subscribed for the Lent retreat and Lent Small Group study now under way.

February Prayer Bench Friends

DSC_5727I am grateful to these Prayer Bench Supporters who made donations helping to root this new ministry:

Shawn Redden
Patsy MacLean
Jim St. Clair

Thank you. I appreciate your support in this new work.

I also want to introduce you to two Prayer Bench Friends whose work will appear soon in the Prayer Bench Shop.

Robyn Brown Hewitt will be offering My Blue Egg Seasonal Resources 2015, a liturgical resource for individual or group reflection. This resource will explore the intersection between the riches of the season and the gifts of the spirit. Each seasonal packet contains 4 separate themes that serve as guides into the heart of the season. Every theme is based on a focal point illuminated by a story, poem, picture, musical selection or lectionary reading. Every theme includes resources for meditation, prayers, a focal point, and guided reflection. The packets are useful for personal spiritual practice and for group facilitators or worship leaders. The Summer Seasonal will be available in late spring.

Kathy Roy and I haven’t coordinated on a description of her project ,which will be offered in the Prayer Bench Shop, but it will be in the area of Personal Discernment. Kathy is a life coach, spiritual director, retreat leader and writer. You can learn more about Kathy and read her blog on her website: Supporting Heart-Centered Living. Be sure to check out her Mandala Gallery and sign up for her monthly newsletter.

I’m excited to share Shop space with these creative folk and to be able to offer diverse resources, supporting whole-hearted living, through the Prayer Bench.


January 2015 Prayer Bench Builders

the bench buildersThis group of people  gathered by Pix Butt and Heather MacDougall joined together as PRAYER BENCH BUILDERS. I am grateful for their care, enthusiasm and financial support.

In 15 years you have helped SO many connect “earth and heaven …
We are a small group of the many who say thank you … and want to join you at the Prayer Bench.”

Pix Butt & Heather MacDougall, Donna Tourneur, Charlotte & Mac Campbell, Bethe Benjamin-Cameron, Carolyn Francis, Jack Spencer, Catherine Smith, Anne Pirie & Eldon Hay, Lorna MacQueen, Shirley & Bob Childs, Bev Brazier, Shirley Cleave, Catherine MacDonald, Kelly Burke & Jane Johnson, Cathy & Eric Smith, Gail & Gerry Hopkirk, Diane Tingley, Barbara Prowse, Linda Atkinson, Gail & Les Jay, Claudette Derdaele & Hugh Farquhar, Catherine Gaw & Elsie MacDonald, Nigel Weaver & Jean Ward.

From my heart I thank you.

And a thank you also to my sister, Karen Beaton.