Lifting the Eye of the Heart 

by | Mar 5, 2024 | Reflections

A meditation on Numbers 21:4-10 & John 3: 14,15

Let’s not get caught up with a God unleashing venomous snakes in a 
“You think you have it bad now, then try this” ploy. 
It is, perhaps, how we see God when we are in pain. 
“Somebody must be behind this suffering.”
“It must be a wrathful God.”

It isn’t.

Our mind, great gift it is,
works always to divide, separate, judge –
good/bad, pain/punishment, faithful/full of wrath, 

Gazing with the eye of the heart, 
We see whole.
“Holy Mystery, Wholly Love.”

We see the snakes of our poor choices, our pain, our loss, 
slithering in the desert sand —
and we see the serpent raised, entwined,
a rod and staff to comfort and guide.

The sages say it is the looking up –
the raising the eyes, 
the lifting of the heart 
that gives life.
Amidst wilderness/pain
there is deepening trust.

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  1. Beautiful meditation.

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