the bench buildersThis group of people  gathered by Pix Butt and Heather MacDougall joined together as PRAYER BENCH BUILDERS. I am grateful for their care, enthusiasm and financial support.

In 15 years you have helped SO many connect “earth and heaven …
We are a small group of the many who say thank you … and want to join you at the Prayer Bench.”

Pix Butt & Heather MacDougall, Donna Tourneur, Charlotte & Mac Campbell, Bethe Benjamin-Cameron, Carolyn Francis, Jack Spencer, Catherine Smith, Anne Pirie & Eldon Hay, Lorna MacQueen, Shirley & Bob Childs, Bev Brazier, Shirley Cleave, Catherine MacDonald, Kelly Burke & Jane Johnson, Cathy & Eric Smith, Gail & Gerry Hopkirk, Diane Tingley, Barbara Prowse, Linda Atkinson, Gail & Les Jay, Claudette Derdaele & Hugh Farquhar, Catherine Gaw & Elsie MacDonald, Nigel Weaver & Jean Ward.

From my heart I thank you.

And a thank you also to my sister, Karen Beaton.