January 2020 Email Retreat

Here is your free retreat: (click on retreat title to download and print)  How Then Shall We Live

What best supports our journey of becoming? What contemplative practices help us live the life we want to be living? What are some  ways we move deeper into our heart and the heart of the Divine?

Offering a Settling Prayer, a Reflection, Questions for Journalling or evocative thought, and three different Spiritual Practices, this Email Retreat explores our first response to the day and helps us map our “phrase of life”  that acts as a support, a bannister, a vessel for the living of our days.

For this month only, please download and use the print copy of the first monthly retreat of 2020. (Available January 31.)

(Click on retreat title to download and print)  How Then Shall We Live

Future Monthly Emails

The monthly Email Retreats are part of the Prayer Bench Subscriber Packages and bundled with other resources.

  • Deadline for Subscriber Packages extended to February 7th.
  • After this, Email Retreats will be available monthly in the Prayer Bench Shop for $9.99 each, except for the expanded editions in Lent & Advent which are $12.99

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