DSC_5727I am grateful to these Prayer Bench Supporters who made donations helping to root this new ministry:

Shawn Redden
Patsy MacLean
Jim St. Clair

Thank you. I appreciate your support in this new work.

I also want to introduce you to two Prayer Bench Friends whose work will appear soon in the Prayer Bench Shop.

Robyn Brown Hewitt will be offering My Blue Egg Seasonal Resources 2015, a liturgical resource for individual or group reflection. This resource will explore the intersection between the riches of the season and the gifts of the spirit. Each seasonal packet contains 4 separate themes that serve as guides into the heart of the season. Every theme is based on a focal point illuminated by a story, poem, picture, musical selection or lectionary reading. Every theme includes resources for meditation, prayers, a focal point, and guided reflection. The packets are useful for personal spiritual practice and for group facilitators or worship leaders. The Summer Seasonal will be available in late spring.

Kathy Roy and I haven’t coordinated on a description of her project ,which will be offered in the Prayer Bench Shop, but it will be in the area of Personal Discernment. Kathy is a life coach, spiritual director, retreat leader and writer. You can learn more about Kathy and read her blog on her website: Supporting Heart-Centered Living. Be sure to check out her Mandala Gallery and sign up for her monthly newsletter.

I’m excited to share Shop space with these creative folk and to be able to offer diverse resources, supporting whole-hearted living, through the Prayer Bench.