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by | Dec 19, 2023 | Reflections

Since my move to Cape Breton, the trees, the land, and the lake have inspired and grounded me. These natural elements, along with my contemplative walks, have shaped the themes for the resources I am offering in 2024, all designed to support the new theme – Journeying Together, the Contemplative Way.

We begin late January with a foundational one-week series of daily emails on DEEPENING SILENCE. Each email will be a brief exploration of scripture or poetry, sharing insights into silence, and offering a practice to deepen your connection to this profound experience. Silence resides within each of us, and yet, at times, it is endangered. The practice of silence allows us to observe, perceive, and then act

Moving into Lent, I present a LENT RETREAT. Delivered to your inbox on Ash Wednesday at the beginning of Lent, this retreat will provide reflections and practices spanning six weeks.

The focus is on Sacred Seeing—learning to perceive the world like poets, prophets, and ordinary mystics. Our perspective shapes what we see, a lesson gleaned from my daily walks as I learn to see more, with more of myself. 

STROLL, the popular Prayer Bench resource, takes on a global dimension this year with Caroline from New Zealand. While we’ve been writing together for a few years, this time, we will Stroll together simultaneously, experiencing spring in Canada and autumn in New Zealand. The theme is “Seasons of Change.”

Similarly, RAMBLES becomes a Global Rambles. As autumn unfolds in the Northern Hemisphere, it will be summer in New Zealand. We’ve made a few adjustments, allowing more time for reflection on the abundant resources on the Rambles scrapbook pages. Plus, there will be opportunity to create a scrapbook page together from our collected treasures.

Introducing a new offering this year—the BOOK CIRCLE. Featuring two novels, a children’s book, a contemplative journey guide, and a book of meditations from a mystic, this is part of the Personal & More subscription. Each book supports the contemplative journey, and you’ll receive the book list right away. I’ll provide introductions to each book, and we’ll have a chance to share thoughts on a Zoom call, recorded for later listening.

Also a new offering, MYSTICS & THE ARTS weekly series will arrive in your inbox after Easter. We’ll explore Word and Image. Collaborating with the Rev. Catherine Dickson, this series combines mystics and art, enriching your practice through Visio Divina (Sacred Seeing) and Lectio Divina (Sacred Reading).

We come to the Psalms in November with “PSALMS FOR PEACE & JUSTICE” The Psalms, a source of both solace and puzzlement, possess the power to nurture our capacity to effect change. We’ll delve into 7 Psalms, applying our practice of praying the psalms to cultivating hope in our world through contemplative action.

The final resource arrives in Advent, centered on angels—a new focus of study for me. We’ll explore the angels of ADVENT, opening our perception to encountering our own angels. Are there angels today, and why is this exploration important?

The core resources are available in the Personal Subscription for $49, a value of $105 when sold separately, with “Deepening Silence” exclusively for subscribers.

For an expanded experience, consider the Personal & More subscription at $99. This includes all core resources, the Book Circle, Mystics and the Arts, and Psalms for Peace and Justice, with the latter exclusive to Personal & More Subscribers, totaling a value of $190.

Offering resources that are only available to subscribers isn’t a sales tactic, but a practical decision. While I lack the time to offer all resources separately, I wanted to provide substantial packages for subscribers.

I invite you to join me in journeying deeper, the contemplative way.

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  1. Hello
    I went to paypal to pay for 2024 personal membership, but I can’t find any information it reached you. Have you received payment or has it been lost in the ‘waves’ of the internet!

  2. Hi Eva, I sent you an email! Janice

  3. Is it still possible to get the silence materials? Our small group would like to use them this spring.

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