Set of 40 Contemplative Moments

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These contemplative moment cards invite us to pay attention, be grateful, and aware of the gifts of this moment. 

All we have is this moment. In this exact moment, something of our life is here to be lived, noticed, or engaged.

Each card offers a simple gesture or a focusing experience that invites us to be present with our whole self; to be really here.

There are 40 cards in a set. And throughout the year there are so many opportunities to observe 40 days:

  • 40 days of Lent
  • 40 days between Christmas and Candlemas (Feb. 2)
  • 40 days between Easter and Ascension.
  • Or any 40 days!

How to Use these Cards:

  • Choose a card in the morning and meditate with your morning coffee.
  • Choose a card from the pack as a focus for your daily prayer.
  • Carry the card in your pocket throughout the day to remind you to pay attention.
  • Choose a card and use it as a prompt for writing in your journal.
  • Create a sunset to sunset Sabbath using your cards.
  • Use with groups as an opening for meetings. Using Contemplative Moment cards as openings.
  • Tuck a card into an envelope, lunch kit, or greeting card.

Each set of 40 cards is $20. (An additional $4 will be charge for packaging and mailing.) Please email if you plan to order more than two sets for a price reduction in postage.

Here is Ruth Gamble. She bought the first set of Contemplative Moments cards.



Design: Maggie MacLean