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DSC_0130The Prayer Bench is about providing on-line resources to nurture a growing spiritual life. There are times I am also available to offer leadership and resource in other areas and face-to-face. After all, a prayer bench is about reaching in and reaching out!

Here are a few things I know. Communication is a challenge. Information is readily available and we continually need to find creative and visual ways to offer our message. If your church or organization wants an beautifully designed newsletter or e-mail delivered safely to your people (with a print option), I can help.

Perhaps you want a blog to share your words, information, or reflections. I can help you design one and make sure you are comfortable managing it yourself.

I am available to offer face-to-face retreats/workshops with small or large groups. Perhaps you have an idea for a program and need a writer?

See below for more information.

Emails & Newsletter

Sharing information through email and in newsletters is still considered one of the most effective ways of communicating.

I can help your congregation/organization get set up with a bulk email program for easy and safe communication.

Receive training and support in setting up and using a bulk email program so you can safely and quickly send email notices or information to your congregation. With this program you can also use templates to design simple but elegant newsletters or posters which are circulated by e-mail. (They can also be printed.) The program is integrated with social media so notices and newsletters are easily shared to a wider audience.

What you receive:
Initial phone consultation helping prepare list of emails.
Three hour hands-on basic instruction for one or two people.
A How-to Booklet.
One hour of follow-up technical support over three months.

The cost and payment options:

The Congregational Package is $150 plus travel.
A congregation has the option of paying travel and then securing the $150 through new registrations for a current or upcoming Prayer Bench program. (For example, eight people could sign up for the Advent program. 8 x $20 =$160)

Retreat/Workshop Leadership

A sense of community can be nurtured through on-line participation, yet there is sometimes need for gathering face-to-face.

Like turning a jewel, “retreat” has so many meanings. Sometimes it is a time of pause and reflection. Sometimes it is a focused time to give space to attend to an issue.

Workshops need to accomplish goals in a short time. I will listen carefully to hear what you want and work with you to insure we have a good plan and process.

Here are some ideas but they aren’t packages. Every group is unique and I design process for each one.

  • Seeing the Sacred in Everyday
  • Creation Retreats
  • Labyrinth Workshops
  • Finding Sabbath
  • The Practice of Leadership | Staff or Group Retreats
  • Visioning for Today
  • On-line Ministry in Your Congregation
  • Exploring Spiritual Practices
  • Contemplative Photography
  • Seasonal Retreat for Advent, Lent etc.
  • Workshops for Boards, Councils

I am committed to providing leadership at a fair and affordable cost. Contact me with more information and I’ll be better able to quote you a cost.


There are so many good and helpful blogs out there. And there is room for more!

Give yourself or your church/organization web presence. Share your ideas, photos, reflections, experiences, thoughts, hobby or events. The possibilities are endless.

The goal is to design a blog you can manage on your own. Check out Catherine Smith’s blog, Hem of the Light or the website for Sackville Pastoral Charge or Karen Beaton, musician and teacher.

The cost depends on what you want and how much support you need. A basic blog design starts at $50.

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