Book Review: The Story of Our Time: From Duality to Interconnectedness to Oneness
by Robert Atkinson

You should read this book if ….

1. You know very little about the Baha’i Faith. The author writes from within the Baha’i tradition and quotes key writings. I knew very little about how the Baha’i fits within the flow of world religions and less about its teachings. I learned much and I’m glad I did. We live in an age that asks this awareness of us.

2. You don’t want to believe that racism, sexism, all the frightening ‘isms are prevailing. I dont believe they are. (see I Choose Love) Atkinson is hopeful. He traces a long arc. We came from oneness. We entered duality where we find ourselves seeing things in opposition.  Another shift will see us reclaiming our consciousness of oneness.  Using seven principles, he illustrates the shifts in consciousness and holds firmly to the possibility of one interconnected world community.

3. You are committed to the practice of living in oneness.  There perhaps aren’t as many practices for “birthing a new way of seeing the world” as I expected. Yet, they are there. Here are a few: the need to tend our own spirituality, listening to Indigenous wisdom, becoming the spiritual beings we already are.

The following excerpt perhaps holds evidence of these three points.

“The most recent of these sacred traditions, the Baha’i Faith, boldly asserts that world peace is not only a promise waiting to be fulfilled, but is also inevitable. This does not mean we sit back and watch. Rather, this view renews hope, affirms the eventual outcome, acknowledges a purpose to these turbulent and chaotic times, and raises a call to action – because the way we get to this desired outcome is dependent upon us. With this vision of the future, and knowing that the human race will not be obliterated, we must take on our responsibility as proactive midwives to shorten this painful transition period and bring about a gentle as possible rebirth of the planet. Most vital is assisting this process with our own sacred activism every day of our lives, applying the wisdom, practices, and tools already available to us.”

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Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the author and/or publisher through the Speakeasy blogging book review network. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. #TheStoryofOurTime