After many months of conversation and design, a website is launched. The Rev. Dr. Linda Yates wrote this blessing, and offers it as a model for others looking for a website blessing.

Blessing of the Lower and Middle Musquodoboit Website (

One: Gracious One, you are the loving center of the eternal web of the cosmos. In the tiniest of cells and at the edges of deep space you are there. Yet, our ancient stories tell us we are made in your image. Humans have created the internet and like all human-made tools, it can be used for good or for evil. We have created a website for Lower and Middle Musquodoboit Pastoral Charges to serve You.

Today we dedicate a tiny portion of the internet to your glory and love.

All: Giver of all good gifts, we give you thanks for all of your marvelous wonders. We are grateful for the imaginative work of human minds. We pray for stressed hands and hunched shoulders that bear witness to the labour of love that makes any internet ministry possible.

Website Committee: We are grateful for the task you set before us. We have prayed, loved, worried, stressed, explored and wondered. We offer this new website as a creative, collaborative project of our Cooperative Ministry. We offer it to you somewhat whole, but understand that it will always be unfinished because God’s activity is always transforming, informing and inspiring change. Our faith journeys are never finished and so neither will our website be.

Chair of Board: With gratitude, we accept this website. We will support it, use it reverently and continue to care for it with your help.

One: In furthering Christ’s Realm through (website name), may the lonely be befriended, the sad comforted, the seeker engaged, the oppressed given hope and the befuddled church member informed.

All: God of the Living Word, you are a lamp to our world. May your Spirit guide all who contribute to our website. May your love be apparent to who explore our website. May everyone who connects to it draw near to You.

We ask for your blessing upon our website. Use it for the furthering of Christs’ realm. May your Holy Spirit infuse it thoroughly so that soul may talk to soul over strands of digital web. Amen.

Hymn:  Draw the Circle Wide

Linda Yates is minister of the Lower and Middle Musquodoboit Cooperative Ministry. Linda also blogs at Camp 42, 42 Canadian National Parks (and other things) explored in a truck camper with 2 Jack Russells.