[Amos] In Righteous Respect

“But let justice roll down like waters,
and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream.”  — Amos 5:24 

What a drenching vision Amos has,
this farmer prophet from a small village in Judea,
called to preach to the people of the north country. 
What a justice soaking call for righteousness,
this one with a heart for God
proclaims to those who trample the poor into the dust of the earth.
This passion of Amos the prophet,
for calling out injustice
calls me to be so grateful
for the folk with a heart for social justice ministry.
I’ve seen that call in a child of a young age
and tirelessly active in the older hearts
of those with a life-long commitment. 
While some are called to specific justice ministries,
all are called to Amos’ vision
of honouring the image of the Holy in all we meet,
neighbours all,
in a justice-flowing righteous bond.

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