By Jane Doull

Holy Wisdom, you are with us in the desert,
the lonely places, the unknown, the in-between.

We seek the courage to stay in those difficult places,
the patience to await the light we need,
the faithfulness to choose the journey of the heart,
with its risks, its unknowns, its vulnerabilities.

May we walk by your Holy Light, as we persevere in discernment,
as we embrace change, difficult though it may be,
as we seek a creative way forward.
Together may we learn the lessons of the desert,
and receive the bread of courage and all the gifts we need.

Compassionate One, we pray for those who are in an in-between place,
because of war and violence-
full of risks and dangers from which we are sheltered,
especially we hold in our hearts the people of …
[We name places known to our heart.]

We pray for those who are in-between,
because their home and landscape and life
have been reduced to chaos by earthquake and tsunami,
especially … [We name situations known to our heart.]

May people all over the world receive the gifts of ministering angels,
the love and compassion and practical help they need,
that all may find light even amid dark and desolate hours.

And now we remember those among us
and those known to us who are especially
in need of your love, and comfort, and care
as they inhabit the desert places of illness, grief or other trouble.
[We name people known to our heart.]

In a moment of silence, we hold in the light of your love those who are in our hearts today.

We pray also for ourselves, knowing that your Spirit prays through us beyond our words,

These and all the prayers of our hearts,
we gather up in the prayer we say as beloved community
with those around the world and across the ages:
Our Father… [or whichever version of this prayer you use.]

Jane Doull is a writer, adult educator, spiritual seeker, who has been leading worship mostly within rural prairie and Maritime churches for almost four decades. She lives in the small coastal resort town of St Andrews, New Brunswick, with her two cats. Her passions include creation, languages, literature, music, art, justice-seeking, theology, and good conversation.