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  • Seeking to deepen your life through spiritual practice rooted in Christian Wisdom?
  • Yearning for invitations to solitude and silence, to see beauty all around, and to explore meaning and mystery?
  • Willing to go beyond the ordinary, open to new learning, and being impacted by your own discoveries?
  • Able to give attention to your journey by creating retreat space at your own time and in your own home?
  • Like feeling connected to a diverse online community, or perhaps you want to gather a small group and need a resource that invites deep conversation and offers group spiritual practices?

If so, a Prayer Bench yearly subscription might work well for you. 

A Prayer Bench Subscription offers you ease of ordering, your choice of resources, and great savings.

There are three packages in 2018. Click on the table below to enlarge.

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  • A choice of three packages with more resources included.
  • Dates included in the description so you know when to expect your resources.
  • Access to a Subscriber webpage. All the details and access to your resources in one place.
  • Congregation subscribers get special permission to share personal email retreats with five people for free.
  • A group subscription for the popular “Stroll for Your Soul” is included in the Congregation package.

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“Our congregation has been without a minister for almost a year now. However, it has been a good experience of pulling together. Everyone has stepped up to help in so many ways – some in worship leadership, some in reading/leading a service someone else has prepared, some reading scripture/prayers, visiting and leading worship at the nursing home … Many of us have been grateful for this time, for the deepening of our community. 
For me, leading and participating in a Prayer Bench Lenten Small Group Study has been a significant part of this. The leader’s guide was easy to follow and led those of us who participated into an experience of contemplative community. Several people remarked that it was a ‘different way of doing Bible study’! and all were very appreciative.” 
Susan Sorensen

“We are not alone when we subscribe to Prayer Bench. Prayer Bench is like balm for the spirit. 

Sally Meyer D.M.

“It is hard to find good spiritual material and you are definitely filling a badly needed area in my life.  Blessings on your work.” 
Rev. Kate Young

We find the topics (in the Small Group Studies) relevant and encouraging. I especially like the audio part. The group is interested to hear another perspective. The audio leads to good discussion. Your questions help the participants to go deeper. 

Journey Group Leader

“I enjoyed the timing of the emails and that they could be broken up into daily parts or longer parts as time allowed. Having spiritual practices (especially the artistic choices) were very helpful and assisted me to learn that some of these things I enjoy doing can be used spiritually.”

Anonymous Retreat Feedback

Subscriber packages are only available until January 31, 2018.

There is a discount for Students/Learning sites. Contact Janice for info and a coupon code.

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