2017 Yearly Subscriptions

by | Jan 4, 2017 | Ordinary, Reflections

Prayer Bench friends,
There are two Subscription Packages for 2017. You can compare them in the poster below (click to enlarge). Or click here if you want to see it in full size and you can download and print it. Prayer Bench 2017 Yearly Subscriptions.

Click on the link to order or for specific information about each package:
Personal Email Retreat – Package #1
Self & Group Package – Package #2

A Prayer Bench Yearly Subscription will offer you savings and convenience. And Yearly Subscriptions help the Prayer Bench ministry too. 

I’m happy to answer questions! Email Janice 


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  1. I receive the yearly subscription to Prayer Bench and every season of the church year, I truly enjoy and feel blessed to add these retreats to my spiritual journey. Thank you, Janice.

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