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Pentecost, without Fire?

The images of fire-filled Fort McMurray remain close to us as we near Pentecost. With pastoral sensitivity, and out of kindness, some have suggested setting aside fire imagery and holding up other Pentecost images. I tried to. I sat with the Pentecost-as-Breath story... read more

Stroll for Your Soul

There are over 400 Strollers in the 2016 Stroll for Your Soul. We are from far and near, and of all ages. WEEK THREE – a gallery of photos shared This slideshow requires JavaScript. WEEK TWO Elsie MacDonald offers her reflection on Week Two: “Just a few... read more

The Ironing Board Diary

A few years back my mother showed me the Ironing Board from the house where she grew up in Cape Breton.   “Made by Dad”, May 1, 1939. That was likely the first mark, but not the last. It is a diary.     In case you think Winston is my... read more



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Janice MacLean, The Prayer Bench

Janice MacLean, The Prayer Bench

Janice MacLean, creator and host of The Prayer Bench, an on-line ministry where you can show up as you are able, bring your whole self, and just be present. About Me.

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